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28 May 2008 @ 06:59 pm
Sorry there have been no new challenges recently, World of Warcraft Real Life™ has taken over.

Would anyone be interested in being a "guest challenger" for a week or two or three or four? All you'd need to do it post a challenge either just once or twice, or once a week for a month depending on your interest. Let me know if you're interested, would be great to have some fresh challenge ideas! :D
Hi everyone.

Here is this weeks challenge:

Theme: Boredom
Word/Object: Chocolate
Extra: This week the extra challenge is a character. And that character is... Hathor. Work her into a drabble somehow. : )

Remember, you can write drabbles for any, each or all.

Also, as an aside... I created a samcarter100 community over on InsaneJournal, and will be crossposting the challenges over there too. Feel free to join and post your drabbles there if you have an IJ account.
13 March 2008 @ 08:55 am
So, I just wanted to thank the people that gave me some feedback on my last post. I've been thinking a lot about what we could do and I have finally decided! I know! An actual decision!

For the moment I'm going to stick with posting challenges every week or fortnight or er... month. (I say month because I have the memory of a brain dead fish sometimes) And I am going to post each challenge with three different kinds of prompts.

Theme: this will be the same kind of challenge we have always had.
Word/Object: I will post a word/object to either be included somewhere in your drabble, or use as a second theme.
Extra: This will be an additional challenge and will vary from week to week. It might be a screencap, a character, a specific ship, a genre, an episode, or something completely different.

You can write just one drabble for any of the prompts, a drabble for each prompt or a drabble that combines them in some way... It doesn't really matter at all. :D

I'll start posting the challenges later in the week or early next week... in the meantime if you are hankering for a prompt I highly recommend checking out sg_rarepairings - they are having a fanfic battle and there are hundreds of prompts, a lot of them sam related! :D
14 February 2008 @ 12:49 pm
hey folks

just a quick admin post.

I know I have been a slack with the challenge posting, but I feel the interest isn't quite there at the moment, be it because SG1 has ended or because people are busy or because the prompts are boring or because of some other reason. I am quite happy to keep posting challenges if people are still keen but maybe it's time to ask about some different ideas for the community so that we could try to maybe encourage more people to post. I've suggested a few things below... and would love some feedback on what you do/dont like, what else you might like to see here, any other suggestions you might have. Even if you just want things to stay the same as they are now, please let me know that. I just really don't want the community to completely die off like so many challenge communities do. So if you have any suggestions at all, please do comment and let me know.

some ideasCollapse )
16 November 2007 @ 07:36 pm
Challenge #121 Closed / Challenge #122 Open!

this week the challenge is all about... Sam's Hair.

Write a drabble about Sam's hair. From her point of view or someone else's. Any hair style from short and butch to long and feminine. Messy, neat or helmet mussed, cute and cropped or up and pretty. It's all about the Do this week. : )
02 November 2007 @ 09:06 pm
Challenge #120 Closed / Challenge #121 Open!

I know you are all probably wrapped up in starting NaNo, but I'm posting a challenge anyway. And early! or late... depending on your propensity to quibble over facts. ; )

This weeks challenge is... Puddle Jumpers.

Puddle Jumpers in Atlantis, Puddle Jumpers in SG1 (Moebius, It's good to be king.) So long as your drabble has Sam and a puddle jumper in there somewhere it's all good. :D